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Is there life beyond the holidays?

By 27 August, 2020No Comments

Returning to work, to the routine of September and the dreaded alarm clock. Back to where you left off, to the same tasks that have been sitting, waiting for you. This can be a bit of an uphill struggle, but you return with a pleasant taste lingering in your mouth, with your batteries recharged and a new, rejuvenated perspective.

Holidays feel like a breath of fresh air that always turns out better than expected. Days where plans flow naturally, with one thing leading to another, intentionally or unintentionally. Where you also allow yourself to go with the flow more, little by little. Good company, places that are a joy to behold, and sights that feed your soul. You’re probably visualizing one of those moments right now. All things considered, it’s normal for September to be a little challenging, and you can find it hard to get back to reality. It’s important to find time in your day-to-day life to take care of yourself, and to pamper yourself a little.

So, we want to suggest a series of ideas that you can incorporate into your return to work, to help you maintain the quality of life that you value after the holidays have ended.


  • Order. Things can be chaotic during the summer, breaking your routine and living without schedules. But when you go back to work, you need to centre your mind and focus. In order to do so, you first need to put your life in order. Clean the house, unpack your suitcases and settle in. You will need a tidy house, so that you can either work from home or go back to the office. It will make everything will flow much more naturally.


  • Good Fragrances. A candle, incense or even flowers. Choose whichever one you prefer. Not only do these elements make the space more welcoming, but their fragrance also improves the atmosphere. This will allow you to relax and help you cope with the early mornings.


  • Breakfast. It is important to eat healthily, but also to eat well. The secret is in balancing the two. Eat something that is good for you, both inside and out, and that is a pleasure for your palate at the same time. This will make you more motivated to get out of bed, and will give you a little morning treat.
  • Post-work self-care. In the air, in the water or on land. Wherever is feasible for you. It’s your choice. Give your mind a break and release any tension that you are holding in your body. Returning to your routine may be stressful. A little yoga, running, swimming or taking a walk in the fresh air can really help with this. Sometimes just 15 minutes is enough, but either way, you will always end up feeling more positive.
  • Long live the weekends. The weekend is your best friend once again. You need to appreciate the value of the weekend. A new opportunity for little escapes, plans that taste like summer, and even the opportunity to make appetizing winter plans, looking ahead to the coming months.

With all these options, your post-holiday depression will definitely start to disappear. Stay hopeful and positive. September brings many opportunities, including the opportunity to present an improved version of yourself, both at home and at work. Take care of yourself, spoil yourself, and allow yourself to be pampered.

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  • We can confirm: Post-holiday life does exist.
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  • Is there life beyond the holidays? Is September really easy to cope with? In today’s post, we discuss ways to successfully deal with this eternal di-lemma. 🙂