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What really are vegan-friendly products?

By 24 July, 2019No Comments

Vegan-friendly products are those that don’t include foods with animal origin, and this usually extends to everyday life as well: vegans would not buy clothing, footwear or cosmetics that have used animals in their production.

What are the basic ingredients in a vegan diet? That’s easy, anything that doesn’t come from an animal: so no eggs, no milk, not even honey (among other things). The difference between vegans and vegetarians is essentially that vegetarians consume animal-derived products, but not the animal itself.

Either way, it comes down to a type of diet that both fights against animal suffering as well as seeking to be healthy.

But simply stopping eating meat or animal products doesn’t guarantee a healthy diet; after all, vegetarian and vegan diets include foods like sugar, starch, refined and hydrogenated vegetable fat, salt, etc. These are vegetable-based ingredients but eating them to excess is not recommended. As well as that, all kinds of processed products are often added into things like hummus, vegetable pâtés or purées, vegan tofu burgers, vegetables and legumes, and drinks made from soya, rice and almonds, vegan cheeses, etc. The list is endless!

That’s why adopting a vegan diet without understanding or paying attention to what you’re eating is likely to keep your brain happy, but it won’t do much for your overall health. So that’s why, if you decide on a vegan diet, you also need to think carefully about what happens in your kitchen. What do we mean by that? We mean that you need to pay attention to what’s cooking, think about where the ingredients come from, check what’s in them by reading the labels on what you buy and resist pre-cooked meals no matter how many vegetables are in them. Becoming vegan really means a full life turn-around: you’ll have to re-plan your days to leave more time for cooking, and take more time to be think about what you’re cooking and eating. And that takes time and attention. And over time and with experience, you’ll learn where you can find the right ingredients.

At Velarte, we strive to make sure all our products meet the needs of those committed to healthy eating. Our Snackium and Natur products are made with natural ingredients to meet the needs of those who take seriously the origin of what they’re eating. And for that reason, we put huge emphasis being transparent about where our products come from.

Because at Velarte, we want to look after you.