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Batch Cooking

Batch Cooking is a cooking method that has become all the rage, but if you’ve never heard of it you may wonder, what does it consist of? Well, it involves cooking all your food for the week in just a few hours. It is a way to get closer to homemade and varied food, whilst leaving aside the rush and reducing the consumption of fast food.

What are the benefits?

On the one hand it is a way to get us back in touch with our kitchens. Many people like to cook, but due to lack of time or laziness after a day’s work, we end up eating “anything” we find laying around. Thanks to this method we only need to find a few free hours a week where we can cook all the week’s recipes simultaneously.

Batch cooking can also be extremely economical. On the one hand we reduce energy consumption, as we reduce the cost of cooking every day to just a few hours of cooking. Also, as mentioned above, we don’t spend money on ready-made or fast food which ends up being a high monthly cost.

We mustn’t forget that it is also beneficial for our health and that of the planet. Thanks to this cooking method, we reduce the consumption of ultra-processed food, we have more choice over our diets and we improve our nutrition. And, of course, we waste less food and save energy, reducing waste and pollution of the planet.

Tips for beginners

· Before you start cooking, choose your weekly menu. Make a list of the dishes you want to make, so cooking will be quicker and more varied.

· Take advantage of ingredients and cooking. We recommend choosing some meat, some fish and some cereals or legumes, and then combine them with vegetables to get varied dishes without having generated excessive expense.

· Choose the time that best suits you. Enjoying cooking is easy when you can dedicate time to it, that’s why Sundays are a good day to enjoy cooking. Plus, it allows you to go into the week with your menu prepared so there’s less to worry about.

· Mix it up with sauces. Spice up your dishes by preparing different sauces that can last all week in the fridge. With just a little bit of sauce you can add a touch of goodness to all your meals, it’s easy and it’s delicious.


Now that back to school is approaching, the routines and the rush are back, it’s a perfect time to put it into practice, don’t you think?