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How to manage the return to routine

By 16 September, 2021No Comments

September is a month of turns and changes. It’s the time to start in a new year at school or to go back to work after switching off on a relaxing holiday. But sometimes getting back into the routine we said goodbye to at the beginning of the summer can be hard.

To make this September more bearable, here are some tips to manage your time.

First things first.

Setting priorities is the most important thing when getting back into a routine. Everything you left behind before you went on holiday has been piling up, and it can seem like you have a lot on your plate. But you should stop for a moment and decide which of all those things is really important. First number one and then number two. Once you are clear on where to start, it’s easy to plough through everything.

Sleep to perform

After a few weeks without a fixed routine, fixing set times for everything can be a bit chaotic. That’s why beginning with adjusting your sleep pattern will make organising your day easy.

It is essential to have 7-8 hours sleep to be able to face the day full of energy. It’s best to get back into a routine gradually and we recommend that you begin going to bed earlier a few days before going back. If you are someone who finds it hard to go to sleep early, you can do things like reading in bed or meditation.

Your diet is also important.

Speaking of schedules, another big change is eating. You go from eating at the beach or with friends to eating at the office or after school. It is important to eat a variety of foods: carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, meat and fish… you need a bit of everything. So if you are someone who takes their lunch to work, we recommend you plan your meals for the week ahead. For dinner, the best thing is something light because you probably won’t be doing as much in the evenings as you were in August. A salad with your favourite Velartes is as easy as it is delicious and will help you to sleep better.

Don’t forget to have some fun.

Even though the holidays are over, there are lots of days in the week and you have to find time for leisure activities. Make plans in the evenings after work and use the weekends to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of work. Plan time for yourself, share your time and plan your weekend: that will make you more motivated in your everyday life.

By following these tips, getting back into the routine will be easy and a way to take care of yourself and enjoy the good things.