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By 24 August, 2021No Comments

In summer we spend more time outside, taking in the sun, the beach or the mountains. It’s time to be shared with family and friends, making the most of our holidays and the good weather. But also, it’s a time in which we like to take care of ourselves, eat well, recharge our batteries and enjoy life to the fullest.

That’s why at Velarte we’re introducing a series of healthy and fresh snacks that are the perfect accompaniment, no matter how you decide to spend your summer.

Foods to boost your tan

There are foods that help us to enhance and maintain the tan that we all like so much. But we mustn’t forget that at this time of the year the sun’s UV rays are much more powerful, so using sunscreen is very important.

· Hummus, carrots and breadsticks, an easy snack to take anywhere. Carrots, especially raw, help to produce melanin and enhance tanning. Combined with hummus and breadsticks, it’s delicious!

· Spinach salad. Spinach contains iron and beta-carotene, which makes it perfect for cooling us down and boosting our tan. If we add tomato, nuts and a little cheese, we have a delicious and healthy salad to eat at any time.

· Nuts. Nuts have many benefits: they give us a lot of energy, help our memory and protect our muscles and bones. But they are also high in vitamin D, which stimulates melanin in the body. There are so many types that you can combine your favourites or choose products that contain them, such as Velarte’s peanut or sunflower seed breadsticks.

To accompany you at the beach or at the pool

Spending the day at the beach or the pool is the star plan of the summer. All you need is a towel, an umbrella and some snacks to nibble on when you get the munchies.

· Refreshing fruit. Some tupperware with seasonal fruit is a must-have in your summer beach bag. Watermelon, peaches or cherries are the perfect refreshing snacks. In addition, they have a high water content, which helps to keep you hydrated.

· Sunflower seed breadsticks and dip. A bag of Velarte’s sunflower seed breadsticks are a delicious, portable option. To complete the appetizer you can combine it with the Mutabal or Tapenade which Missohlaura showed us in the previous blog. It’s easy and delicious.


We hope you have a great and, with all these snacks, delicious summer.