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4 steps to keeping your new year’s resolutions (once and for all).

By 21 January, 2020No Comments

Three. Two. One… Happy New Year! The new year has arrived with a bang. We hug one another, laugh together and look back at a 2019 that has taught us a lot, given us incredible moments and allowed us to enjoy ourselves to the fullest.

However, our happiness is short-lived when it comes to the dreaded topic of new year’s resolutions. That terrible moment when you realise you have not fulfilled any of the objectives you naively set out to achieve at the start of the previous year.

At Velarte, we have decided to put an end to this ancestral custom. We want to make sure that you start 2021 with a smile on your face, knowing that you have finally achieved your goals. We have prepared a series of tips to help you achieve this.

  1. It’s raining goals.

The first thing you have to do is open your mind. Everyone makes resolutions about things like quitting smoking, losing weight, or travelling more. But you can make your goals relate to anything, from the biggest to the smallest thing. It’s important to ask yourself what day-to-day things you would like to change. It could be kissing your child good night or singing opera in the shower. The main thing is to choose things that will make you happier. It is also a good idea to consider different areas of your life, such as your health, personal relationships, work, hobbies, etc. Write down everything you can think of on a sheet of paper, without limiting or judging your ideas.

  1. Don’t just dive in.

Now that you have all these resolutions, you might be tempted to think that’s it. This is a very common mistake. We tend to set ourselves too many goals, and then we can’t focus on any of them.

The best thing to do is to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each goal, trusting yourself, but also being realistic. We want you to dive in, but check that there’s water there first! Decide on 7 small goals and 3 big ones. This way, you can focus on them completely.

  1. Plan ahead.

Sometimes we think that it is enough to have decided on what we want to achieve, but it is just as important to think about how we are going to accomplish it. Once you have chosen your resolutions, we recommend that you work out a strategy that you can use to achieve them. Break down big goals into smaller ones. This will allow you to move forward and feel that you are closer to success.

In addition, set some dates. Don’t leave targets floating in mid-air – decide on a time frame.

  1. Be consistent.

The last step is entirely up to you. Only you can find the willpower to follow through on your resolutions. If you are consistent and clear about where you want to go, we are confident that you will succeed. Remember, don’t keep your list of resolutions in a drawer. Hang it up somewhere that you will be able to see it.

This will be the year you finally keep your New Year’s resolutions.