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A good diet is also a diet without myths

By 17 June, 2019July 15th, 2019No Comments
Una buena alimentación también es una alimentación sin mitos

In recent years we have begun to understand that much of what we are is due to what we eat. Therefore, these days the vast majority of us pay more attention to what we eat, constantly trying to make our food healthier, both for ourselves and for the people we love most, children included.

This is very positive for our society because having a healthier diet helps us all in every way, at both a personal and a social level. But, as with everything in life, there is always a less positive side and in this case it relates to the false myths that are created around food. And that is why today we would like to dismantle some of these myths:

“There are good and bad foods.”

 This statement is a myth. None of the food we eat is entirely perfect, nor are there any foods which are entirely harmful. A healthy and balanced diet is based on a variety of different foods all eaten in the correct proportions, in order to maintain an appropriate nutritional status.

“Drinking water during meals makes you put on weight”

Myth. Water does not make you put on weight whether you drink it before, after or during meals. Basically, since it contains zero calories it cannot provide you with calories of any kind. Therefore, it will neither make you put on nor lose weight. What is true is that it is a vital element for all living beings and helps us to stay hydrated.

“Eat slimming foods.”

You can’t because they don’t exist. This is another myth related to food. All food provides calories, some more and some less. That is why proportions are so important, in relation to the food that we eat and the energy that we expend through our day-to-day physical activity.

“Fresh food is more nutritious than frozen food.”

 This is one of the biggest myths surrounding food. The reality is that the low temperatures in fridges and freezers maintain the quality of food without altering it. That is why frozen meat or fish provides you with the same nutrients as fresh meat or fish.

“Drink orange juice quickly or it will lose its vitamins”

 This is a phrase that everyone will have heard from their parents at some point and is a food-related myth that has endured over the years. The truth is that orange juice has a sweeter and more pleasant taste when it is freshly squeezed. If we leave it for a while it begins to taste sour. But that does not mean its vitamins have evaporated. Vitamin C is still there, it may not taste as nice but it is still just as healthy.

These are just some of the food myths we can find. What we recommend at Velarte is that you maintain a balanced and varied diet, do physical activity and savour every moment of life. And at Velarte we take variety very seriously, which is why we offer more than 30 different types of rosquilletas so you can combine them to your liking.

Bon appétit!