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Add a little flavour!

By 13 April, 2021No Comments
Sabor a lo bueno

We’ve all been craving a lot of things this year. We’ve been turning to memories of a certain smell or taste to take us back to a particular time, a particular person. These sensations and senses evoke memories from our past in a powerful and emotional way. A sound, a landscape or a gentle touch: these are all sensory memories that help to transport us back to those moments.

The current situation has made us all pause to take in our surroundings and appreciate the things that may have once seemed so insignificant.  Our new life philosophy: savour every moment, whether in the company of others or alone.

Going out, breathing in deeply, wandering aimlessly and discovering unfamiliar corners of the world that make us disconnect to reconnect again; these are some of the little things we’ve learned that allow us to listen to and truly feel like ourselves.

A year later, spring is here again, a season where flowers bloom, landscapes produce their brightest and most intense colours and smells flood our senses. In the same way that the plants are changing, our state of being changes during this season too. We release various brain chemicals that promote our mood and feelings of pleasure, while also relieving stress. Therefore, some of our senses awaken and start to develop new memories.

As you will already know, in spring the days start to get longer and so the sun shines down on us for longer as well. For many during this season, there’s nothing better than playing sports and exercising outdoors. Going for a run with your running buddy, dodging waves with your surfboard, getting lost in the mountains on your bike, laying out your yoga mat in the corner and stretching; these are some of the moments we want to remember. Let’s add some flavour! A taste that leaves its mark on our memory, that allows us to hold onto that feeling of freedom and happiness.

Velarte will help you enjoy the good times and also leave its mark on your memory. With our handmade products, not only will you add some flavour to these moments, but the smell of seeds, spices, freshly baked bread…  They’ll all flood your mind and create another sensory memory.

Give every special moment a unique flavour with our crunchy products.  Choose the one that best suits you and your moment, let yourself go, enjoy and discover new sensations.