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At Velarte, we love the mountains

By 21 August, 2019No Comments

At 7 a.m. on any day in August, you will see hundreds of people leaving their homes with a parasol in hand, ready to sprint like an Olympian to get the best spot at the front of the beach. Being on holiday can be so stressful, can’t it?!  We don’t see the need, since there are thousands of ways to enjoy the summer away from the beach. You can go to the mountains, for example.

Here in Spain, we can take advantage of the most beautiful mountain villages and towns, both in inland and coastal areas, with no need to touch even one grain of sand. Furthermore, we all have the opportunity to experience a different kind of holiday in one of these little villages, by enjoying their summer dances in the town squares, their cuisine and those eternal siestas where it seems that time has stopped, eating tapas at night in the local bars and feeling the freshness of those summer nights, which are never quite the same anywhere else.

Today we would like to tell you about a few of these wonderful mountain villages and the different ways you can enjoy them and their natural surroundings in summer:

Colmenar in Málaga: It sometimes feels that while we’re on holiday we have to make lots of plans at the same time, post them online and pretend that we’re not going back to the same old routine. After a year of working hard and managing responsibilities, one perfect way to disconnect could be to watch life pass by from the doorstep of one of the whitewashed houses of this village in  Axarquía, Málaga. During the day, you can take a dip in the pooland then enjoysome tapas in one of the village’s bars. And at night, you can take a stroll in the cool mountain air. If you’re looking to explore the countryside and connect with nature, you can also enjoy the Montes de Málaga Natural Parkwith the family.

Besalú in Girona: This inland village in the the province of Girona is known for preserving one of the most beautiful medieval sites in Spain,  which includes the monastery of Sant Pere, the Church of Sant Vicenç, the castle, its Jewish quarter and the pilgrims’ hospital. Its cuisine and medieval style make this village a beautiful place for you to visit and be welcomed by its 2,500 inhabitants.

Chapinería in Madrid: Enjoy a few weeks at this village, beginning at the swimming pool, moving on to a bar terrace and then for a sunset stroll. And what’s more, if you visit during the first week of August, you and your family or friends will be able to enjoy the village’s celebrations. You can also enjoy some nature or take a hike by visiting the Sierra del Oeste or the Palacio de la Sagra, among many other activities on offer.

Torazo in Asturias: Only 100 people live here, so you know what that means? Peace and quiet. Sounds good, right? This small village is in the Asturian mountains, at the foot of Mount Picu Incós. It has Celtic origins, cobbled streets, beautifully embellished houses and the patron saint celebrations there are fantastic. It has several country hotels and farmhouses set up perfectly to be enjoyed by both family and friends.

This is just a small selection of the endless number of villages that you can find throughout Spain that will allow you to enjoy a different kind of holiday, surrounded by mountains and with neither a grain of sand nor a hint of stress in sight. Wherever you go, don’t forget to put your favourite Velarte snack in your suitcase or backpack to enjoy a perfect holiday.