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Eat healthy in spring

By 14 June, 2019July 15th, 2019No Comments
Come sano esta primavera

During spring our blood changes and the stomach yearns for calm and peace, since the summer and the operation summer body are just around the corner. Whether it’s to show off the perfect body on the beach, or just to get on the healthy bandwagon, start treating your body like a temple today.

At Velarte, we invite you to challenge spring asthenia with foods that provide the energy your body needs to be active and full of life.

Stay hydrated and detox

We begin the season that welcomes good weather, and so, because we will surely spend more time outdoors (less sedentary time), we need to drink more. This involves drinking more water, and also making the most of the season by making delicious juices, tasty and healthy smoothies, and detox infusions. Some very good ones that will help to cleanse your body, are made of artichoke, radish, dandelion, or milk thistle. Remember that the less caffeine or theine, the better.

Keep allergies at bay

Rain gives way to flowering which, although beautiful, is a nightmare for allergy sufferers. So boost your immune system with antioxidant foods like turmeric or ginger, and add garlic and onion (natural antibiotics) to as many dishes as you can.

Serve a mix of colours on your table

As it is advised in any diet, healthy food goes hand in hand with seasonal fruit and vegetables. And when the weather is warmer, our bodies no longer need as many hot dishes. We welcome spring salads, snacks as a perfect addition and to having more brunches and fewer heavy meals.

Try mixing the greens such as spinach, lamb’s lettuce or rocket with fruits such as apples, strawberries, or blueberries that provide vitamins and minerals; and combine your favourite cheese, which adds calcium and delicious flavour.

Fibre for all

To regulate your bowel movements and improve flora, remember to add fibre to your dishes, salads or appetisers. You can add nuts, seeds, or grains. And what better than Velartesnacks to get your fibre in? As well as being delicious, they are the perfect addition to any cold or hot soup, warm or fresh salad, and even as a dessert to accompany a fruit salad.

Our mouths are watering as we think about spring and healthy food, because who said that healthy eating has to be boring? It’s time for you to blossom with every recipe and be inspired by our Velarte snacks, always made with natural ingredients. Fall in love with every bite! 😉