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Have a natural, delicious Halloween

By 2 December, 2019No Comments
Vive un Halloween natural y muy sabroso

Halloween is incoming and the world seems to be rising from the grave, especially children, who are more “alive” than ever: shopping centres and many schools are filled with tiny ghosts and living skeletons, there are endless horror films on the TV and we love to dive into that funereal flurry of the Day of the Dead and join in with the celebrations. Is it because in reality, signing up for all those parties fills us with renewed life?

At Velarte, what scares us the most is when you miss out on enjoying scary times in a good way. So we’d like to offer you some absolutely terrifying snacks made with the most natural flavours, so that you and yours can make this Halloween a success.

Because we love nature, here are some Halloween recipes for all you lovers of the simple things in life.

Witch’s fingers:

Let’s start with a few little fingers – they’re very crunchy. We will use our Salaqueso Velarte as a base and we will put, on one end, a piece of Brie cheese with an almond like a nail (we love to add nuts to cheese), and on the other, red fruit jam to make it look like the finger is bleeding. With a touch of heat and a salty-sweet contrast, they’ll be delicious.

Erupting pumpkin:

We’ll accompany these succulent extremities with a pumpkin volcano that produces green lava through its mouth…

To do this, empty the pumpkin and cut out eyes and a mouth. Make a guacamole sauce (you can see how to do it in some of our previous recipes) and fill the inside with it. The juice will come out of the extremities and mouth, as if it’s weeping and expelling green lava. Although this eye-catching recipe sounds dreadful, we’re sure that you’ll love dipping any of our Velarte products in the sauce – naughty but nice!

Spiders in cheese:

Surprise your guests with these spiders that will sneak onto the table. Take any of our mini snacks, spread some white cheese and decorate the top of it with a small spider. To do this, you can place a whole black olive and cut across strips that will be placed around it, representing the legs of the spider. A deliciously irresistible bite!

Succulent blood:

For a perfect snack to offer your guests or children today, mix up a tomato juice with salt, a pinch of pepper and a few drops of lemon as a bloody drink, sure to quench the thirst of any zombie or vampire who dares to approach.


We hope you’ll like these very easy Halloween recipes, and that they’ll make the Day of the Dead a very lively celebration.