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Having lunch in the office without dying from boredom

By 17 February, 2020No Comments

We know that many of you spend many hours at work every day and sometimes you are forced to eat there due to time constraints. An easy option may be to eat at a take-away place or a restaurant, but doing this every day can be very expensive, plus it takes more time. Another option is to make yourself a meal at home and take it with you in a Tupperware container.
At Velarte we would like to give you a few original ideas to make eating at work more interesting. This means that you can make delicious, cheap and healthy dishes to enjoy without needing to leave work.

Lentil salad

Let’s turn the classic lentil stew into a light and fresh salad. To make this salad we suggest that you remove some of the heavier traditional ingredients (such as chorizo, bacon or potato) and turn a dish that can be difficult to finish into a healthy and vegetarian recipe.
The first step is to cook the lentils, and then, once they are cold, add some carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and beans. We will also add the special secret ingredient: honey-lemon vinaigrette. This dish will allow you to incorporate legumes into your diet in a fun and modern way. If you also add a few pieces of your favourite Velarte product to the lentils, you will enjoy every last mouthful. 😉

Coriander gazpacho

It may sound exotic, but it is actually a traditional recipe from western Andalusia. This is a tomato-free gazpacho, made with just bread, garlic, vinegar, salt, oil and the star ingredient: coriander.
Leave the bread to soak in water and crush all the ingredients together (except the oil) to create a fine paste. Beat it, while adding oil to emulsify, and then add some water (you can add more or less water depending on your taste). Then just serve it alongside our Picatostes and you will have a quick, simple and healthy recipe that is full of flavour.

Pumpkin soup

For those who are not a fan of the cold, we have a pumpkin soup that can be eaten either hot or cold. You should first fry some onion in a saucepan over a low heat, and when it starts to brown, add the potato and the pumpkin. After a couple of minutes, add the water and let it cook for about 20 minutes. You can serve it with some Velarte sunflower seed breadsticks smothered with soft goat’s cheese, to give it a unique taste, and create a balanced dish that will comfort you during the winter season.

These recipes are a good place to start, but there are thousands of ideas you can discover if you do a little research and open your mind to the joy of cooking.

This year, eating healthy at work will become your new habit.