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How to brighten up your morning and enjoy different kinds of mid-morning snacks

By 24 September, 2020No Comments

Back to the post-holiday routine, early hours and rushed breakfasts. Back to preparing meals and shopping for some kind of mid-morning snack for work. For that moment when you’re starting to get peckish and you just want something healthy and tasty to nibble on.


Bless those mid-morning snacks! They are an important part of our daily routine. At Velarte we are experts when it comes to snacks, so we’d like to share some suggestions with you so you can try something different each day.


1. For fans of savoury snacks.

Why not some gazpacho or a natural juice in the middle of the morning? They’re rich and full of nutrients. You can accompany them with one of our savoury snacks (of course), with AOVE sticks or with your favourite breadsticks. The perfect energy boost to get you through the day.


2. Sweet and comforting.

All of you will love the sweetest snack in our range: our chocolate chip breadsticks! Not too sweet, not too salty. They go perfectly with a nice cup of coffee, or just on their own. A mid-morning sweet spot will brighten up anyone’s day!


3. What does the Mediterranean taste like?

If we were to taste the Mediterranean, what would its flavour be? Would it taste like toast with tomato or toast with oil and salt? We can’t know for sure, but what we do know is that both are delicious and are a classic part of Spanish cuisine. If you love the Mediterranean, you’ll love our Mediterranium Bites. Because a mid-morning Mediterranean snack will fill you with flavour for the whole day!


4. A touch of fibre.

A few spelt breadsticks in the middle of the morning will help to get you through the day. They contain extra fibre while maintaining the same classic flavour. You could try them with some cheese and turkey or with your own personal favourite accompaniment. Enjoy a healthy, tasty and, of course, fibre-filled snack and feel great all day!


You can also add a variety of different ingredients to these snack ideas alongside our quality snacks, as they go perfectly with a little hummus, guacamole, cheese spread, or any other ingredient you can think of. You should always be open to trying new combinations! Do you think the man who discovered ham with melon ate the same thing every day? Let’s get cracking! September is the perfect time to start new routines, do some physical activity and enjoy good food!