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How to prevent lockdown from disrupting our diets.

By 9 June, 2020No Comments
confinamiento alimentación

In difficult times like the ones we currently face, our day-to-day life has changed radically. So much so that all areas of our lives have been affected, and our diets of course, haven’t been let off lightly. Luckily we can now go outside and do more things than just go to the supermarket or the pharmacy. We can leave to go for a walk and do sport.

Even so, the vast majority of us still spend more time at home than before this all began. This can cause stress and anxiety and lead to unevenness in our eating habits.

That’s why, we’re going to give you some great advice on how to get your mind and health back on track during lockdown.

Get your pantry in order

First of all, we have to spend some time clearing the pantry, so that know what we have, what is no longer useful and what is about to expire. We can also take advantage of this time to reorganise the food we use the most and put the food we need in front of the rest. Once that’s all done, we can repeat that same process with our refrigerator and freezer. This will allow us to have everything in order and make more space for new purchases.

Create a weekly menu

Once we’re clear on everything we have, let’s take a look at what we need. We recommend that you set a weekly menu, always taking into account the basic recommendations of a balanced diet: vegetables, 5 pieces of fruit per day, low-sugar products and products with low amounts of carbohydrates.

This recommendation is not super strict, as each person has different needs and we do not want you to become obsessed with it.

Planning will allow you to shop more efficiently, spend less time at the supermarket, avoid impulse buying and save you time every day thinking about what to cook for lunch and dinner.

From Amateur to Chef

Try to create new dishes: keeping yourself distracted during the creation process will also help clear your mind, as it is a way to isolate yourself and forget everything around you and if you manage to do it successfully, it will increase your self-esteem and give you the confidence to face future challenges. In addition, you will expand your repertoire of recipes and try new flavour combinations. Start today!

Regular snacking

It is possible that throughout the day we might feel like something and we don’t know exactly what. Something that is very typical in moments of boredom or anxiety. It’s okay to snack, but there are always foods that are healthier than others. We recommend that you have a good quantity and variety of nuts, but make sure they’re plain. Nuts provide us with a large amount of nutrients and contain a high energy value to cope with another day of lockdown. For example: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachios.

Lots of vitamins!

Summer is here! This means that fruits are now ready and full of vitamins and it’s been a while since you’ve been in the sun. It is a good time to start eating more fruit and instilling the importance of eating them it in our children, all while enjoying the first rays of summer sun, as our levels of vitamin C and D have decreased due to being in lockdown. Another great option is to consume these fruits in liquid form with shakes or smoothies at breakfast or as snacks, these will hydrate us and provide part of the daily vitamins that our body needs.

It is as important to respect the rules as it is to take care of our health, at Velarte we want to help you so that you and your family are well. Take care of yourself.