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Tardeo: the great plan that never lets you down

By 11 March, 2020No Comments
la cultura del tardeo

Tardeo – the Spanish term for living it up in the afternoon, rather than at night – is becoming increasingly common in Spain. It’s a new concept of leisure time that’s become widespread in our country in recent years. We’re people of habit and we love partying, relaxing with a few aperitifs, enjoying tapas culture, long lunches and going out at night. These activities are popular with young people and not so young people alike and, over the last few years, a new phenomenon has joined their ranks: tardeo.

Tardeo is a new concept of leisure time, where you meet up with your friends in the period after lunchtime and before dusk. It’s a trend that’s really common in some parts of Spain, which also allows couples with children to go out, even if it’s harder for them to find free time at night. What’s more, tardeo lets you make the most of the following morning, as there’s no need to stay up all night. There’s no doubt about it: tardeo is a great idea, whichever way you look at it.
Getting away to another city with friends and spending a weekend living it large tardeo-style has also become a tradition for many people. So, Velarte’s going to recommend the cities in Spain with the very best of tardeo, so that you can go and enjoy it for yourselves.


This city has its very own tardeo phenomenon, especially on Saturday afternoons. The city aims to promote musical culture, creating bar trails in the city’s historic quarter where you can enjoy DJ sets, quality music and a great atmosphere.


Murcia is also a great choice for tardeo out in the fresh air. With a great atmosphere in the afternoon, terraces full of people, very friendly locals and party-filled clubs, Plaza de las Flores, Pérez Casas and the las Tascas area are the main place to start partying.


Alicante is a city where you can have a great time outdoors like in no other. Here, your great plan to go out in the afternoon gets underway even earlier in the Mercado Central and, as the hours pass, people start making their way towards calle Castaños, with its thousands of bars and terraces to get a bite to eat, or just stick with beers and wine. As the afternoon turns into the evening, these same terraces get packed with people and a top-notch atmosphere.


Experience tardeo at its best in the area adjacent to calle Tejares and calle Mayor. With people dressed up in costumes, brass bands and everyone looking for a party, you can’t go wrong with a good old Albacete tardeo. There’s no doubt about it: the La Mancha capital is also a great choice.
So, we’ve given you a good few options so that you can organise a great getaway and go large with some tardeo fun, away from the main capital cities. Take note and start planning a tardeo to remember!