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The best ideas to relish the return to the… Scrumptious Lunchbox!

By 18 September, 2019No Comments
Las mejores ideas para saborear la vuelta al… ¡Rico Tupper!

Come on, we haven’t tasted the summer! A little snack here, a little snack there, an ice-cream won’t do any harm, another little snack that we tried in the beach bar … and that’s how we spent the summer. So actually no, we ate all summer long, and no, we didn’t have any leftovers! Some of us may have come back from our holidays with a few extra kilos, but that shouldn’t stop us from eating the things we enjoy.

September is coming around again and with it comes our routines and habits. So too should healthy eating, the best way to take care of yourself after the summer. The most important thing for a healthy diet is to eat 5 balanced, portion-controlled meals a day. The reality is that the majority of people make one of these meals in their workplace, and that always comes with us in our lunchboxes.

And that’s why, from Velarte we are bringing you some ideas of dishes to cook quickly and easily that all contain healthy ingredients that you can eat in the office or in your workplace.

  • Tabbouleh.

    Just because our summer trips have finished doesn’t mean but that we have to stop travelling, since the way we eat allows us to transport ourselves to any place through our palates. This is one of the most typical dishes in the Middle-Eastern world and one of the best recipes to take to work. And it is very easy to cook, you only need couscous, cucumber, tomato and basil. You can make it the night before and take it to the office the next day.

  • Rice with mushrooms.

    Rice is one of the most versatile foods in our cuisine and this particular dish is very easy to prepare and very tasty. You only need to boil the rice and cook the mushrooms, put it together and dress it with olive oil and your favourite spices.

  • Sautéed beans with fried eggs.

    The beans are legumes and they help us to maintain a balanced diet, their high fibre content benefits our digestive system and they have a high protein content very similar to meat. This is a very tasty dish and it is so easy to prepare, you only have to sauté the beans with potatoes and fried eggs.

  • Salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce and sautéed vegetables.

    It is very important to introduce fish for a healthy diet. And you’re going to love this dish. To prepare this delicious lunch, simply marinate the salmon in teriyaki sauce, reserving a little to pour into the vegetables you’ll be sautéing in the frying pan, choose your favourites, they can be peppers, courgettes, asparagus, eggplant or all of them together.

  • Courgette and carrot spaghetti with avocado pesto sauce.

    A new version of vegetable-based spaghetti, which will help you get back in shape after the summer. It is a light, but very tasty dish, thanks to the pesto sauce made with avocado and black pepper. And if you feel like giving it a little more consistency you can add a sliced chicken breast.

Now you already have an idea of easy, fast and balanced food for each day of the work week so you can enjoy the contents of your lunchbox. Each of these dishes are perfect to be accompanied with your favourite Velarte breadsticks.

Enjoy taking care of yourself this September!