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By 23 July, 2021No Comments

Summer is the season we enjoy the most. But since last year we have had to find new ways to have fun. We prefer to look after ourselves and make plans that are simpler but still special.

At Velarte we know that every second of summer tastes good, so here are some of our tips for making every moment special:


1. Relax with a good book

If you are someone who likes to spend your holidays at the beach, you have endless possibilities of things to do during your days in the sun. In the summer, there’s time to do the things we never do, like enjoy a good book. You just need time and somewhere nice to relax. Grab your sunglasses, a towel, a book and a bag of your favourite Velarte to snack on while you read.


2. Enjoy nature

On the other hand, if you are someone who would rather get away from the heat and take refuge in the mountains, we also have the perfect plan for you. There are two crucial times of day during summer: early morning and evening. The sun isn’t as strong and it’s not too hot, so it’s the perfect time to go hiking in nature. If you’re an early riser, a quick walk before lunch will fill you with good energy. But if you like to sleep in late, you can go outside and enjoy the countryside in the last few hours of the day. It has been shown that being in contact with nature helps us to be more active and happy.


3. Discover star showers

Stargazing is another classic summer activity. Wherever you live, you can find a quiet spot, take a towel, and lie down to watch the stars. You can plan a late night snack with friends, chat and disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. From 16 July to 24 August, you can enjoy the Perseid meteor shower with guaranteed shooting stars.


4. Switch off with day trips

Finally, if you like to travel around and see new places, day trips are perfect for you. When we don’t have a trip planned, getting out of our routine can be difficult. A day trip is the perfect opportunity to discover nearby beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains and other places that you don’t know and have a day that tastes good. Get up early, prepare your lunch and grab a snack, leave the house and come back after the sun has gone down. All you need is good company to make your plan perfect.


So summer is the ideal time for a change of scene and perfect for doing the longs you’ve been longing to do. Enjoying your plans with Velarte is the ideal way to fill them with flavour and energy.